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Choose from our vast selection of organic clay, fruit, essential oils, herbs, vegetables, etc.  To create your own nourishing facial mask, lotion, lip scrub, bath salt, body scrub pet wash and more!

Bath salts  body scrub

Lip scrub

Simmer and stew in your own concoction for relaxation.  Start with an Epsom or Sea or Himalayan salt base. Add fragrance and relaxation boosters.

Lotion & Massage oils

Choose from an array of organic products, essential oils to create your very own lotion!

fACE masks

Choose from our variety of fruits & vegetables or follow our recipe options  Fruits and vegetables can be used for hydration, purification, softening, facial cleansing and even to prevent tanning!

pet Wash & polish

Pamper your furry family member with pH balanced wash. 

Make or purchase our ten-free nail polish to paint those paws!



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personalized kits


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